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A proven leader in advanced restaurant brand, restaurant web site design and marketing programs for modern restaurants.
Over the last 19 years, we have developed compelling brand, custom website design and restauant marketing programs
for 150 independent restaurants and restaurant groups across 23 states.

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> [6] smart internet marketing strategies that grow restaurant business... <

1. Get a Mobile web page: Be where new customers are in 2017
We'll help you reach the booming smart phone market that increased to 60% i

2. Get Social Networking: Create new customer online communities that share
   their excitement about your restaurant. Benefit from our modern internet marketing programs
   using social network tools like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

3. Get Email Programs: Stir up customer loyalty with monthly email programs
    about restaurant holiday and seasonal events

4.  Get Online Ordering: Generate new revenue streams through our full range of online web tools
    such as online ordering, online takeout menus, online gift cards...

5. Get traffic from SEO: Get noticed and called more often with our tailored SEO programs
for Google and Bing. Get ranked higher to get ongoing business every week.
6. Get a Restaurant Website Design that ”Wows”: Customers eat with their eyes first.
    Get your own fresh restaurant web site design that entice customers to visit your restaurant.

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Rely on a Restaurant Marketing Specialist
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> In the STUDIO NOW...
New Restaurant Branding, Restaurant Marketing & Restaurant Website Design Programs in 2017

Spring 2017: new restaurant logo designs
New Jersey Shore / Restaurant website design and mobile new American tavern at Half Moon Point
> Wisconsin / Restaurant naming, branding, website design, signage and mobile for Savory & Vine 
> Washington, DC / Logo and web site and mobile for neighborhood restaurant at Salt & Pepper, DC
Derby, CT / Restaurant branding, custom website design and mobile for casual neighborhood tavern
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> Our customers rave about their results... and so will you. <

"Amazing. Only 3 hours after we posted our new web site on a Friday we had two new
and separate couples dine with us because they went online and loved our "very cool and hip" web site
and had to come in to see it and eat here. I am convinced the new site will continue
to bring in new customers. Thanks Phil for the new customers
and stylish web site.
— MB, Sublime Restaurant and Lounge, Gladstone, NJ

"The web site looks superb. You and your team are to be commended on this incredible job.
Please let each and every one of your team know how much we appreciate all of the hard work." 

MH, Cosmopolitan Restaurant, Allentown, PA

"When Ana and I decided to open a restaurant in Virginia we knew that we needed to work with a design firm
that had restaurant experience. We found Phil and his NJ Restaurant Identity.com through a Google search.
Initially we were a little hesitant in the beginning since there was quite a distance between us. After several telephone conversations,
I was pretty comfortable with him and he was hired to design our logo, starter website and marketing pieces for Ford's grand opening.
Since then Restaurant Identity.com has created our mobile web page and website, which we get compliments on almost daily.
The process to create the website was made very painless by Phil. He handled everything from the web design process,
the photography to dealing with the frequent web menu changes.

I trust that Phil understands our concept and what we are trying to do at Ford's Fish Shack. I can call him with an idea and
he and his group can take my idea and turn it into a great visual piece of art in a very short period of time.
Our restaurant is less than a year old and already so popular, customers are asking us to open a second restaurant.
I feel Restaurant Identity.com has been a big part of our success at Ford's". — Tony Stafford, Ford's Fish Shack, VA

"Thank you for the excellent work on the design of our new site. 

You captured the personality of the restaurant and created a beautiful and uniquely inviting site.
Our customers have responded with great compliments!
RM, Gino's Restaurant, Brooklyn, NY

"Mr. Marzo we were very pleased with the work you did for us. All my friends and customers enjoyed
watching our website. I will refer you to all my friends in the industry."

FG, Tequila Sunrise Mexican RestaurantBrooklyn, NY

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